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Fifteen Fast Facts

One of my favorite things about the blogging world, is getting to know the bloggers behind the content. I firmly believe that the most successful blogs are the ones where the creators don't mind showing you their personal stories. I know that my favorite bloggers consistently share weekend family activities, photos, and stories with their readers. That's the kind of blogger I want to be. I want my readers to know me, and I want to know you guys.

This is not a public diary, I have a husband for that. But, I do plan to take a detour from the regular every now and then & share about the time I got married in a zoo. 

Let's start with 15 hot-takes and odd facts from yours truly.


I love watching tv series, but hate movies. 

My wedding reception playlist had one "must play." It was Country Grammar by Nelly. 

Desserts are my weakness. 

The best way I ever spent a paycheck was getting a tattoo in my late stepdad's handwriting.

I don't like to work out. At all. 

Christmas is the only holiday worth celebrating.

Clutter makes me uncomfortable.

I could eat Mexican food every day.

I can't respect people who think Rory should've ended up with Dean.

I don't think OJ did it.

I think Tim Tebow is slimy and sneaky. 

I am a 1w9 on the enneagram and an INFJ. 

I freaking love lions. 

I watch a lot of home birth videos, even though I have no desire (or the ability) to birth a child.

I met my husband on Tinder. We don't talk about it.